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Vertigo Event Venue is a modern-contemporary space with a full catering service aimed to please and delight the foodies of LA ... Drawing influence from all parts of a world atlas, Vertigo Event Venue's chefs have a distinctive zeal for fusing wildly different cuisines together ... The evidence is in the food itself. A slider—a true gastropub staple—is elevated with a touch of Creole flair to become a fried catfish slider topped with fresh-made slaw - the meat and veggies nestled between cornbread. Their beef cheek spaetzel brings a decidedly French-Canadian influence to the time-tested German classic, and their pairing of white cod with a foundation of tender and buttery quinoa is timelessly delicious. For Vertigo Event Venue's chefs each event is unique and demands a selection of bespoke dishes befitting of the occasion. For Vertigo Event Venue's chefs it is a badge of honor to design and deliver the food that will accentuate and enhance a moment of togetherness or celebration.

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